Sample Questions

1. The photo below was taken with a long exposure rate.

A) Yes
B) No

2. To look at performance in using shutter speed to show the movement of the waves, the upper photo is better.

A) Yes
B) No

3. It is necessary to use the highest shutter speed to photograph lightning. Only when the shutter speed is faster than the lightning than the camera is able to capture the lightning.

A) Yes
B) No

4. The photo below was most likely photographed at about 10-30 minutes before sunrise.

A) Yes
B) No

5. Which of the following techniques were used to capture the star trails in the photo below

A) A faster shutter speed.
B) A longer exposure.
C) Zooming during the exposure.
D) Panning.

6. Which of the following settings is best for photographing star trails?

A) P mode
B) bulb exposure
C) aperture priority
D) shutter priority

7. Which of the following settings was used for the photo below

A) A larger aperture
B) Tthe auto mode
C) The regular settings
D) A smaller aperture

8. Which of the following timing is ideal for photographing a night scene like the photo below?

A) Before sunset.
B) Within 30 minutes after sunset.
C) 3 hours after sunset.
D) Around midnight.

9. What is the biggest problem in the photo below?

A) The aperture is too small.
B) Overexposure.
C) ISO is too low.
D) Underexposure.

10. Which of the following equipment is required when photographing night scenes? (choose 2 out of 5)

A) No equipment is needed.
B) a tripod
C) a remote control
D) a flash
E) a reflector