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Elite Certified Lounge-Bar Professional

General Information

Located on the French and Swiss speaking north shore of Geneva, Lausanne is a beautiful and historically important city. This is also where many of the world famous international companies chose to reside their headquarters at. Founded in 1893, Lausanne Hotel Management School is the world's oldest and the best university for the Hospitality Management. We name our certification after the great city of Lausanne because it represents quality and excellence in the field of hospitality.

One drawback with the computer testing is that it cannot test the participant's practical skills, therefore we designed the certificate only as academic. We believe that the candidates who pass our exams will have all the basic skills and knowledge in their area of expertise. In addition, these exams will also stress on the professional ethics, safety and personal hygiene that will prepare the participant to be job ready.

We gathered the best and most experienced people in the business to create the certificates. There is a current discussion on future licensing as part of our global initiative.

Anyone who has passed the following three examinations and received the certificates will be automatically qualified for the Elite Lounge Bar Professional and receive an extra Elite Lounge Bar Professional certificate.

I wish all the candidates a success in the field of Elite Lounge Bar Professional certificate.

Examination Content

  • Elite Tea Specialist
  • Elite Barista
  • Elite Bartender

Certificate Sample

Sub elite lounge bar