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Designing 3D Animation Games Using 3D Studio Max

General Information

As part of the fast-developing modern computers, game consoles and cell phone applications, digital games and 3D Animations are rapidly becoming a major industry. The 3D Max is one of the major applications in making the 2D/2.5D/3D games. Whether using 3DS Max to create 3D scenes and characters or render exported videos for 2D/2.5D games, mastering 3D Studio Max is considered to be the basic standard skill in the industry. In other words, it is probably the most important skills to master in the field of the 3D computer animations.

This certification can accurately test the participants level of proficiency in the 3DS Max application. Passing this exam means a major achievement and a giant leap towards a bright and lucrative future for the participants.

Note: This test is for 3DX MAX versions from 2013 and after, examples in the test are made with screenshots of 3DS MAX 2016.

Examination Content

  • 3DS MAX Navigation techniques
  • 3DS MAX Common modeling techniques
  • 3DS MAX Light and shadow basics
  • 3DS MAX Special effects basics
  • 3DS MAX Skeletal system
  • 3DS MAX Character animation settings
  • 3DS MAX Texturing and graphic designing technique
  • 3DS MAX Object exporting and game engine navigation

Examination Date and Registration

Please consult your national distributor.

Certificate Sample

3dstudio max


  • The exam contains a total of 60 questions.
  • 20 true and false, 40 multiple choices.
  • Each question is worth 20 points, leads to full score of 1200 points.
  • Minimum passing score is 840 points.

Examination Time

60 minutes