Data analysis excel


Data Analysis Using Excel

General Information

Data analyst is one of the highest in demand jobs in the USA since most of their successful companies need to process data. In addition, the EXCEL Data Analysis allows the students to take advantage of the Microsoft Excel toolbox to accelerate data organization and processing. With the Silicon Stone Data Analyst Certificate, you will gain the competitive edge in this job market.

Examination Content

  • Raw/grouped data organization and statistical charts making
  • Probabilities and cut-off points of the probability density functions
  • Sampling techniques and random number generating
  • Interval estimation and hypothesis testing
  • Chi-squared Test for Categorical Data
  • Correlation analysis for bivariate data
  • Linear regression analysis and models building

Examination Date and Registration

Please consult your national distributor.

Certificate Sample

Data analysis excel


  • The exam contains a total of 40 questions.
  • 35 multiple choices and 5 multiple responses.
  • Each question is worth 25 points, leads to full score of 1000 points.
  • Minimum passing score is 700 points.

Examination Time

60 minutes